Photo: Masaki Iwana 2019

Moeno Wakamatsu

Born 1975 in Tokyo, in a house of a Jodoshu buddhist temple in Asakusa. At age 10, her family moved abroad to Canada then to the United States.
From age 6 to 17, she was classically trained in piano, and later in pipe organ. After age 18, she moved on to plastic art and architecture. She installed herself in New York City.
She encountered dance at the age 19. She studied at the School of Merce Cunningham in New York. Soon after, she extensively became involved in the Feldenkrais Method, and became a certified practitioner. In the same period, she became also much drawn to the work of several specific buto artists.
After graduating from The Cooper Union School of Architecture, she worked as an architect in New York City, while dancing and practising the Feldenkrais Method. At age 27, she left the field of architecture to only pursue dance theatre as a solo artist.
She presents her solo work and conducts workshops internationally. She is based in Normandy France.
She has maintained special artistic relationships with Lê Quan Ninh, Masaki Iwana, Lani Maestro.

For the development and evolution of her own work, she herself does not categorize her work in any specific dance or art style.   Her work remains outside of the arts of ideas or concepts.  A dance that is beyond physical movement and social relationships, it aims for direct communication in intensified time and space.

‘I wish to suspend within the moment where the invisible and visible, formless and form, life and non-life, all merge —  timelessly and timefully…like dream hanging in reality — onto the fabric of consciousness.’                    – Moeno Wakamatsu


1975 Born in Tokyo, Japan
1981 Begin study in piano. Toronto Conservatory of Music (1984-1986) Mannes College of Music, New York (1986-1993)
1993-1994 Study in Architecture – Barnard College, Columbia University
1994-1999 Study in Architecture – The Cooper Union School of Architecture
1994- 1995 Study at Martha Graham School of Dance
1995 – 1999 Study at Merce Cunningham School of Dance
1999 – 2002 Feldenkrais Professional Training
2001 – NOW Teacher in Feldenkrais Method
1999 – 2002 Profession in Architecture
1997 – 2003 Perform for various other choreographers
2002 – 2003 Member of Zendora Dance Company, New York
2003 Become solo performer
2003 – NOW Presents solo performances and conducts workshops in Europe, United States, and Canada
Participation in films: “Vermilion Souls” and “A Summer Family” by Masaki Iwana, and “Temptation of St. Tony” by Veiko Oump